Safe, Natural, Organic and Eco-Friendly Children's Items - A portion of the proceeds on every order is donated to environmental restoration efforts.

About us

Welcome to ECO-TOTZ and thank you for visiting. I hope you find it worthwhile to spend some time to hang out and explore all we have to offer!

I'm Rhonda, founder and CEO of Eco-Totz. Our mission is to provide quality, safe and eco-friendly baby/kid items at a fair price, while putting our own ecological footprint in our environment.  That's why a portion of each purchase goes to efforts in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. 

Throughout my adult life, I have suffered from multiple, oftentimes debilitating,  autoimmune diseases.  Through personal research, I have come to believe that I became more at risk to these diseases from both a compromised immune system early in life, as well as years of exposure to environmental toxins and products .  I was born prematurely, as many babies are today, but also feel my exposure to environmental toxins and other unnatural items in our foods and products took a very heavy toll on my health as it is today.  As a result, I hope to help parents have a choice in product selection and doing everything possible to keep their children safe and healthy, now and throughout their lives; while also helping to preserve our children's future environment.  

Thank you again for visiting! And thank you for sharing in our passion for a healthier environment for everyone; especially our future generations.

NOTE:  We are a small, family run business, and emails are a crucial way for us to contact our friends and fans.  We regularly provide coupons, free content, and updates on new products and upcoming sales.