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What’s all this fuss about eco-friendly baby products anyways?

A baby goes through an average of 5,000 diapers before being potty trained.  So if using non eco-friendly diapers, or even cloth ones you eventually throw away; that’s a lot of landfill waste. Switching to a biodegradable disposable diaper benefits your baby in two ways:

  • You provide your child with a healthier choice of diaper
  • You contribute to the overall health of the environment, which is the world your baby is growing up in.

Further, the ease of being able to simply throw them away instead of having to wash the cloth variety will also save you water, soap and time.

Companies do not incorporate as many health damaging chemicals in their production process as regular diapers making them a healthier option for your baby to wear, and for you to handle.  Such chemicals known as AGM may be linked to several health effects for babies which include, and may not be limited to, childhood asthma and lower sperm count in males.  However, jury is still out as these studies have not been conclusive and require more research to date. Though it is known that eco-friendly options do not carry these same risks.

Most providers of biodegradable diapers realize that AGM is a potentially unsafe and unhealthy chemical and, have thus, switched over to naturally derived absorbents.  Also, the large amount of dioxins and trace amounts of heavy metals used in the production of regular disposable diapers, are not used in the same production of eco-friendly diapers.  Regular disposable diapers may be manufactured in a more efficient manner, thus cost less than eco-friendly counterparts, but at potential risks to your baby’s health. 

Another known benefit of eco-friendly diapers are the other natural ingredients that are known to be great for a baby’s sensitive skin.  These include such things as aloe, vitamin E and organic cotton.

Biodegradable diapers are also made from natural sources such as wood pump, bamboo and corn.  This means they do not require unnatural and ecology damaging resources to be extracted and processed from the earth.  Also, they are not bleached in chlorine.  There in lies another important factor as chlorine poses a health hazard to the factory workers who produce products.  So any person or animal who might come in contact with industrial byproducts could be subjected to its negative side effects.

In short, anyone looking to find ways to improve their ecological footprint, while also helping others and their baby’s overall health; may want to consider the use of eco-friendly disposable diapers.  My Shopping Spot for Totz is dedicated to bringing you the best eco-friendly products.  This includes both diapers and wipes; along with toys, clothing and other products. 

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