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Benefits of Eco-Friendly Baby Products




Plastic toys can be riddled with chemicals that aren’t always safe.  BPA has been known to effect natural hormones in our bodies.

You can guarantee your baby's safety with products that contain no BPA.

Reduction of Plastic Use and landfills overload

We won't likely be eliminating plastic entirely, however, reducing our consumption can really help since our landfills are mostly overflowing due to our overuse of plastic. Eco-friendly baby products aim to curb this use as much as possible while also creating a safer environment for our babies.

Less Allergens

Parabens can be a problem and can lead to allergies later in life.  

Rid of pesticides and need for unnatural chemicals

Chemicals have been known to hurt the planet and can also absorb in the skin.  Bamboo is a great natural alternative to using chemicals in many of the products we use today.  These include many of the baby products.

Biodegradable baby products ensure a better environment overall 

Baby's fast outgrow things.  We use many products for babies that have long been known to pollute landfills and cause harmful run offs by seeping into our natural environment.  Using biodegradable products help to reduce the long term effects of unhealthy chemicals used in many non biodegradable items.

Keep "it green" for future generations

We know that children are our future.  We care about our future generation and our grandchildren's grandchildren.


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